My Old Sketches

Flipping over my old sketch books, I found some sketches of mine haven’t been “digitalized” and “stored” online. Some of them done in “on location” style, the other are doodling and sketched out of photographs and magazine images.

Here are the on location sketches (I’ll add the description later 🙂


church tower

tower colortower2

Sihanto at Ide Beach

Met a friend during Sunday Market at Ide Beach of Matano. A quick sketch of him ended up in a totally different figure! Bwhahaha…


Stranded at Type C Hospital Pare-Pare

On my way from Makassar back to Sorowako, my new acquintance, sat right beside me in the bus, had a kidney-ache related problem. I suggested him to drop in to the nearest hospital, considered his awful condition as he vomitted several time and arched his body in pain. We dropped in Pare-pare, a town 200 km northward of Makassar and 8 hours land trip from Sorowako. We checked in a government run type C hospital of Andi Makassau and stayed there all night. He was injected with an anti pain liquid which enabled him to sleep for awhile.

B-pak agus kamal3

B-pak agus kamal

B-pak agus kamal2

B-pak agus kamal4

Manisan Kedondong

Manisan kedondong Haji Natsir dengan resep rahasia asli Pare pare, nyam di saat siang terik ataupun sore temaram. Hanya Rp. 500 untuk ukuran kecil dan 1000 rupiah ukuran yang lebih besar, manisan buah yang gurih-manis-mengkal ini menjadi jajanan favorit anak-anak sekolah yang memintas pulang lewat Jalan Semeru, Sorowako

manisan kedondong

Town Maintenance Welder

Last month (May 2009),  several workers from PT Inco’s General Facilities and Services (GFS) Department, fixed a pothole of water piping network. The fixing site was just across my house. From my room upper terrace, I had a comfort of sketching out of notice of the workers used a 0.6 point snowman drawing pen. I focused on a welder, who worked in a relatively same position for minutes which gave me enough time to get him outlined, and welding apparatus. I finalized the sketches with Faber Castle’s watercolor.

town maintenance welder


welding apparatus


Serupa kue kukis di masa kecil saya. Di Sorowako atau masyarakat Bugis umumnya, kue ini dikenal dengan nama Baroncong. Dengan paduan aromanya yang sedap dan  sensasi legit ketika digigit, Broncong nikmat disantap saat menyeruput teh atau kopi di pagi hari…nyem!