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batu merah – malili

batu merah

by: yfn

tanah merah RHY

by: rhy

REAL batu merah

Batu Merah-Nama salah satu tempat di Kota Malili.

Malili, ibukota Kabupaten Luwu Timur

Terletak di Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan, Tanah Merah adalah dataran tinggi seberang Sungai, dari sini tampak pemandangan kota Malili

church tower

tower colortower2

mom blouse


Sihanto at Ide Beach

Met a friend during Sunday Market at Ide Beach of Matano. A quick sketch of him ended up in a totally different figure! Bwhahaha…


menara masjid malili

menara masjid jami mallili

sket menara masjid jami malili-luwu timur

Stranded at Type C Hospital Pare-Pare

On my way from Makassar back to Sorowako, my new acquintance, sat right beside me in the bus, had a kidney-ache related problem. I suggested him to drop in to the nearest hospital, considered his awful condition as he vomitted several time and arched his body in pain. We dropped in Pare-pare, a town 200 km northward of Makassar and 8 hours land trip from Sorowako. We checked in a government run type C hospital of Andi Makassau and stayed there all night. He was injected with an anti pain liquid which enabled him to sleep for awhile.

B-pak agus kamal3

B-pak agus kamal

B-pak agus kamal2

B-pak agus kamal4