Town Maintenance Welder

Last month (May 2009),  several workers from PT Inco's General Facilities and Services (GFS) Department, fixed a pothole of water piping network. The fixing site was just across my house. From my room upper terrace, I had a comfort of sketching out of notice of the workers used a 0.6 point snowman drawing pen. I... Continue Reading →



Serupa kue kukis di masa kecil saya. Di Sorowako atau masyarakat Bugis umumnya, kue ini dikenal dengan nama Baroncong. Dengan paduan aromanya yang sedap dan  sensasi legit ketika digigit, Broncong nikmat disantap saat menyeruput teh atau kopi di pagi hari...nyem!

Soroakan Toddler, 1913

Bumped with an-almost-a-hundred-year-old photo of Soroako kid during Matano Lake Festival last 6-7 June. Scanned and printed out from the original book (provided by Kathryn May Robinson) entitled "Among the Headhunters of the Central Celebes" by a Dutchman called Grubauer who visited Sorowako in 1913, the toddler photo is one of several other images of... Continue Reading →

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