Sihanto at Ide Beach

Met a friend during Sunday Market at Ide Beach of Matano. A quick sketch of him ended up in a totally different figure! Bwhahaha...


Soroakan Toddler, 1913

Bumped with an-almost-a-hundred-year-old photo of Soroako kid during Matano Lake Festival last 6-7 June. Scanned and printed out from the original book (provided by Kathryn May Robinson) entitled "Among the Headhunters of the Central Celebes" by a Dutchman called Grubauer who visited Sorowako in 1913, the toddler photo is one of several other images of... Continue Reading →


Dengen (Dillenia serrata) adalah salah satu tanaman endemis Sorowako. Sebagian besar tumbuh di tepi Danau Matano dan diantara lebatnya hutan tropis Sulawesi bagian tengah. Dikenal juga sebagai pohon Dongi, Dengen bertajuk bulat, berdaun rimbun, dengan ketinggian pohon dewasa rata-rata mencapai 25 meter. Pohon ini berbuah sepanjang tahun dengan buah bulat berdiameter antara 4-8 cm. Berlapis... Continue Reading →

Sunday Market at Pantai D (2)

Sunday's always a "busy" day at Pantai Ide. Flock of teenager, parents with their children, mixed up with peddler at the most popular "beach" in Sorowako. Pantai Ide is on the brink of the 8th deepest-clearest-oldest-lake-in the world of Matano. Every first week of the month, an event called Sunday Market held at the beach,... Continue Reading →

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